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Sunrise on Nature

Healing on a budget

Being chronically sick with any condition can be very expensive and unfortunately, the journey through CIRS/Mould Illness is one of the most expensive you could experience. But don't let a lack of finances stop you from making progress on your healing journey...

Here are some free or inexpensive ways that you can assist your body and mind to heal.

Palm Trees


Fresh Air

It's underrated, but fresh clean air is one of the best gifts you can give your body. Get outside as much as possible (unless you live in an area of heavy air pollution of course), even if it's just to sleep in the shade of a tree or soak up some vitamin D (if you're not sun sensitive on top of everything else). You could try some breathing exercises, google alternate nostril breathing perhaps?



Movement is important in various ways to stimulate natural healing. Don't overdo it, listen to your body, pace yourself and work up gradually. Perhaps some gentle stretches is all you can manage? or maybe your joints are up for a gentle walk in nature? You could try out Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi etc. There are many free online videos out there.... so get moving! Or join one of our Sanctuary Sessions to move and co-regulate with your healing community.

Tai Chi Practice
Woman Applying Eye Cream


Lymphatic Exercises

The lymphatic System is imperative to healing and there are things that we can do daily that cost nothing to help it perform at its peak. Head to this Low Tox Life Podcast to learn from Dr Perry Nickelston about it and you can follow him on instagram @stopchasingpain for heaps of free helpful exercises you can do.


Vagus Nerve Work

The Vagus Nerves are the main nerves of your parasympathetic nervous system, and stimulating them helps to shift your body from a state of fight or flight into a state of restoration and healing. There are a few Low Tox Life Podcasts that discuss how it all works, but to get you started; try humming or singing along to your favourite ballads and see what that does to your heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels. 

Opera Singer with Eyes Closed
Spa Robe


Dry Brushing

This is another way to help your lymphatic system... Get yourself a body brush and before your shower use the brush dry on your skin, working your way over your body from the feet up in a circular motion. Then wash off the dead skin and rinse your brush in the shower. Here's a good demo video on how to do it. (It is recommended to use a natural fibre brush - however it's been the experience of some people that natural wood/bamboo dry brushes go mouldy after rinsing. To avoid this you could either go with a plastic brush or sit your brush in the full sun or near a dehumidifier after rinsing).


Epsom salt soak

Having an epsom salt bath will help to draw out toxins from your body. Start with small amounts of the epsom salts to see how much detoxing your body is ready to do (herx reactions are common if you try and detox too quickly) and if you don't have access to a bath then try an epsom salt foot soak in a bucket instead. Make sure to rinse off the toxins from your skin straight after.

Pedicured Feet
Fresh Coffee Beans


Coffee Enema

Another way to help your body to remove toxins is by doing a daily home enema. If you're able to do this in the morning then use a mycotoxin free coffee and if afternoons and evenings are your only opportunity then try a camomile tea enema instead (as the caffeine could disrupt your sleep). Coffee Enemas Australia are lovely to deal with for purchasing your kit.


Oil Pulling

Oil pulling using a quality organic coconut oil, sesame or sunflower oil, you can reduce the bacteria that causes bad breath whilst also activating your salivary enzymes which absorb toxins and assist in your bodies natural detoxification. This article goes into more detail. Just make sure to spit the oil outside on the dirt because the bacteria that comes out of your mouth can damage pipes and will kill your lawn!!!

Aromatherapy Oil
Meditating on Surfboard



This can be a tough one for people with trauma, and many of us end up a bit traumatised as we move through this chronic illness journey. If you find you struggle to meditate even with guided meditations then you could try a meditative activity such as drumming, drawing or colouring in mandalas, or some other activity within your capacity that allows your mind to take a break from any anxious over thinking whilst connecting you with the present moment.



It can be a really great practice to free your mind of any concerning spiralling thoughts first thing each morning (or any time of day where you feel overwhelmed) by doing some free writing in a journal. Jot down any concerns, pains, irritations etc and just allow them to be released from your mind. And you can follow this up with a seperate journal where you can then shift your focus towards gratitude. Jot down anything you're grateful for. This journalling process can be a great help in retraining your brain and breaking negative feedback loops.

A Woman Writing by the Window
Smooth Shiny Skin


Shaking or Tapping Therapy

Trauma and tension get stored in the body and you can release this through tapping and shaking therapy. To learn more about the science behind why it works check out this great Low Tox Life podcast and you can find lots of shaking therapy and tapping exercises online for free that you can do at home.


Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep Breathing helps to detoxify the body. Our bodies are designed to release 70% of its toxins through breathing. There are many variations of deep breath work that you can find for free online, here is one video explaining the Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique to get you started.

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