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Planet and Moon

Ethereal Blog
Contemplations from another realm ~ Penned by Amelie Becher

If like many of us on this healing journey you have exhausted all Western healing modalities and have begun to walk the path of more alternative & exploratory healing methods then you've landed on the right page.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely use modern healing methods and am very grateful for prescription medications & my team of highly qualified & specialised medical staff who employ standard Western therapies and approaches, but my journey has ALSO led me to explore a range of modalities that a couple of years ago I'd have absolutely laughed at!

I've had a few pivotal moments in my healing journey and these have been:
  • Finding a safe home (with no water damage) in which to recover my health

  • My concoction of prescription meds and supplements that prop me up enough to make life manageable while my body heals

  • Nervous system work: Brain retraining, EFT Tapping, Yoga, Qigong and other somatic & energy work


But in addition to these, one of the most pivotal moments in my journey was when I received an energy healing from a wonderful woman named Fiona who also healed herself from CIRS.

Her energetic healing changed so much within me in an instant and opened me up to a world of exploring other energetic work like reiki, spinal network & spinal energetics, learning about Quantum physics & emotional energy, consciousness awareness & transcendence. And I'm sure it will lead me to many more things that I once considered wild, wacky & woo woo. If you'd like to join me on this exploratory journey which is showing remarkable results for my own healing, then follow along here. I'll be sharing the Moon rituals that I do to gain inner clarity and refocus direction in my life along with info & links to lots of amazing stuff.

I'm not here to push my beliefs or my way of healing upon you ever, but feel free to follow along and you may feel called to dip your toe in to try some of these wild and wacky things for yourself. 

🌱✨ Love & Light ✨🌱


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