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Wed, 14 June



CCI ~ Restorative Sleep Qi Gong

FREE online Qi Gong classes for restorative sleep and insomnia (level 1). Brought to you by Conquering Chronic Illness & TICNA groups.

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CCI ~ Restorative Sleep Qi Gong
CCI ~ Restorative Sleep Qi Gong

Time & Location

14 June 2023, 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm AEST


About the event

If you would like to join in with these YOU MUST BOOK WITH ADRIAN.

Please contact Adrian to register via email:

Adrian will provide you a preparation sheet and Zoom meeting link.

*There is NO NEED TO RSVP with Sanctuary unless you wish to receive the automatic reminder email 30 minutes prior to each session*

Wednesday evenings 24th May for 4 weeks ending on 14th June

Start time is 7.30pm AEST (QLD/VIC/NSW/ACT/TAS)

7pm ACST (NT/SA)

5.30pm AWST (WA)

Brought to you by Conquering Chronic Illness & TICNA Inc groups.

You can attend any of the 55 minute classes as an individual stand-alone session, but you will have a better experience and create greater momentum for your healing if you attend on a consistent basis. THE AIM of this Wednesday Evening group is to support restorative sleep. You will learn gentle practices that in real time will support you to transition from the “tired but wired” feeling we often have in the evenings, to the “rest and digest” state so crucial for quality sleep and longer term healing. Practice and apply what you learn and see what changes these bring to your sleep, whilst supported by the group. Hopefully you will experience a better night’s sleep, “the mother of all medicines and the most potent and necessary antioxidant of all”

- More about Adrian …

Adrian Allen is a qualified Qi Gong facilitator and Health Coach on both his own health journey from and specialising in supporting others recovery from Chronic Illness, Burnout, PTSD through trauma informed Restorative Qi Gong. He has been  a patient of and studied under international leaders in the fields of Qi Gong ,Functional Medicine and Wilderness Therapy. He is keen to bring others together on an individual and shared healing journey, using Qi Gong practices to nourish and heal body, mind and spirit, along with other strategies, skills and habits that enhance wellness and vitality.

Adrian knows from deep, personal experience that doing Qi Gong practices in a group with a shared intention amplifies the energy flow and felt benefits, and can enhance the effectiveness of other treatments being used. He is responding to a call to create and hold space for others, and to facilitate a shared journey to increased wellness and vitality.

-More about Restorative Sleep Qi Gong Class

Difficulty sleeping has been an ongoing issue for me for 10 plus years, and I have learned a lot from leading sleep specialist doctors, sleep psychologists, complimentary medicine and practices. I am wanting to share a variety of the most effective strategies and habits I have found to help re-set your internal circadian (sleep controlling) clock. Most importantly, I want to share Qi Gong practices that

support the body to shift from the sympathetic nervous system states of fight/flight/freeze/stress, to the parasympathetic nervous system states of rest and digest - so crucial for quality sleep! I am excited about the prospect of a group of us working with the intent of exploring the structures, habits and practices that can best work for us individually, while holding space and supporting each other over a term, and seeing what result our collective energy can achieve to improving the quality of our sleep. In my experience, we gain a greater result when working together, rather than trying to do this on our own - along with our efforts being a lot more enjoyable!

The class itself will be gentle and in real time, supporting each other in transitioning to the rest and digest state. (You could even just watch it in bed and gain improved sleep and vitality from that)

- What else makes this class different

My focus is on how your body responds to things. I have spent a lot of time studying people that have recovered from chronic conditions, burnout and PTSD and in this introductory course and subsequent courses share their common traits.

If I had read and understood this next part 12 years ago it would have saved me from a lot of struggle but more importantly put me on the path of having a greater ability to know, understand and take action on what was a small but vital area. It’s one of the biggest pieces missing in any type of recovery or growth. This being, how important it is how you respond to events that happened to you and have no control of (fair or unfair) which allowed you to choose (and gain some autonomy) the direction your health and life would go. Treatments, supplements, diets, operations, desire for change and workshops sadly didn’t help. It led to long term powerlessness, hopelessness and set up losing faith in my own resiliency and innate capacity to heal, learn and grow.

People struggling with CFS , Fibromyalgia, Tick borne diseases , Ross river Virus , other chronic illness conditions, burnout and PTSD (which one of the first warning signs is unrefreshed sleep) are often feeling overwhelmed, powerless, unrecognised and let down by their bodies, the system and life. The most determined and resilient are knocked down by the loop of ill health and corresponding trauma and stress (physical, financial, emotional and mental) that no practitioner (and most often family and friends) is able to help. I was one of them until I learned to help myself and that is what these classes and groups are about also. Connecting with each person’s own inner healer, wisdom and power through committed action to increase your self-awareness and self-care whilst supported by a shared intention and like-minded individuals raising their health and quality of life. This mentality (or intention) is 100% the type of awareness that I needed when I started on my health journey to gain better sleep and understand other factors that were contributing to my

decreasing vitality. Many others have found this helpful and I wish the same for you.

Reminder for those interested…

Please contact Adrian to register via Email:

Adrian will provide you a preparation sheet and Zoom meeting link.

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