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New Moon in Gemini Ritual ~ June 2024

Updated: Jun 10

An invitation to renew communication habits.

The Gemini New Moon occurs at 10.37pm AEST on Thursday the 6th June for those of us in QLD, Australia. It's best to do a New Moon ritual after the New Moon itself (within 8 hours is great, but anytime in the following 3 days after is okay for harnessing the New Moon energy).

Feeling all the cosmic shifts of late? You may feel called to go on a deep dive... in which case I highly recommend checking out the articles that Moon Omens have published recently. Having a greater awareness of what may have been influencing your life recently can be helpful as you drop into the introspective space of your New Moon ritual.

But if you're short on time I've provided a brief summary for you below...

Sanctuary's Cosmic Summary:

New Moon in Gemini: Renewing Communication, Perception, and Ideas

On June 6, at 10.37pm AEST, we experience a New Moon at 16º17’ of Gemini. This is a time of new beginnings, offering us an opportunity to access a deeper understanding of ourselves, our relationships, and reality itself. It reminds us that many answers we seek can only be found when we silence our thinking mind and look within.

New Moons mark the start of the lunar month, a period of renewal that invites us to release the past and set intentions for the future. During this time, the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun, making it invisible from our perspective. This month, both luminaries align in the Mutable Air sign of Gemini, bringing focus to our learning, communication habits, inner dialogue, and perception of reality.

The Influence on Mutable Signs

The New Moon in Gemini is particularly relevant for individuals with natal placements in the central degrees of Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). Those personally impacted by this lunation will have clear opportunities to renew their thinking, explore new communication habits, and shift their mindset in meaningful ways.

Embracing a New Understanding

The Gemini New Moon invites us to question our existing ways of thinking, communicating, learning, and seeing the world. It encourages us to embrace a creative mindset and engage in activities and environments that stimulate our intellect and curiosity. This is a powerful time to set intentions about sharing ideas, refining communication skills, and embarking on new learning journeys.

Currently, five celestial bodies reside in Gemini: the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter. This significant concentration of Gemini energy urges us to prioritise learning and view our experiences as opportunities for growth and understanding.

Venus Conjunct the New Moon: Learning Through Relationships

The Sun and the Moon at 16º of Gemini are conjunct with Venus and square to Saturn in Pisces. This conjunction marks a phase of maturation in Venus’ cycle, facilitating deeper awareness of our values, feelings, relational needs, and communication patterns. Over the upcoming lunar cycle, these themes will remain significant, offering us opportunities to establish new patterns and make new choices in our relationships.

Saturn Square the New Moon: Overcoming Self-Limitations

The Sun, the Moon, and Venus are also forming a 90º square to Saturn in Pisces, creating tension and inner conflict. This aspect challenges us to confront our tendencies toward self-limitation and self-suppression. Overcoming these obstacles can lead to greater maturity and responsibility, though the process requires hard work and self-awareness.

Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto: Broadening Horizons

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and this New Moon, is strongly placed in Gemini, separating from a conjunction with Jupiter and a trine to Pluto. This alignment supports our ability to integrate and understand our experiences through both intuition and intellect, encouraging us to explore new ways of interpreting reality.

Mars, Chiron, and Pluto: Responsibility and Healing

Mars, in the late degrees of Aries, is separating from Chiron and approaching a square to Pluto. This configuration brings opportunities for deep healing and greater responsibility in how we channel our energy and power.

The Answers Within

The Gemini New Moon highlights our need to learn and understand through our intellect. However, it also warns against over-intellectualising emotions to avoid feeling them. This lunar cycle encourages us to balance rational understanding with emotional awareness, reminding us that many answers can only be found within.

June 2024 Astrology Forecast: From Curiosity to Compassion

As we journey through June 2024, the astrological landscape shifts from Gemini's intellectual curiosity to Cancer's emotional nurturance.

The First Half of June: Gemini Influence

  • Mercury Enters Gemini (June 3): Enhances cognitive abilities and curiosity.

  • New Moon in Gemini (June 6): A time to renew communication and set new intellectual pursuits.

  • Mars Enters Taurus (June 9): Encourages building solid foundations for long-term goals.

The Second Half of June: Cancer Influence

  • Venus and Mercury Enter Cancer (June 17): Shifts focus to emotional experiences and deeper connections.

  • Cancer Season Begins (June 20): A period to nurture ourselves and others, focusing on home and family.

  • Full Moon in Capricorn (June 21): Balances personal and professional life, emphasising emotional maturity.

  • Saturn Stations Retrograde in Pisces (June 29): Prompts reassessment of structures, boundaries, and commitments.

Key Takeaways for June 2024

June 2024 is a month of significant transitions, shifting from Gemini's intellectual energy to Cancer's emotional depth. The New Moon in Gemini invites us to renew communication habits, while the latter half of the month focuses on nurturing emotional connections. As we navigate these influences, we are encouraged to integrate our intellectual and emotional experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of ourselves and our relationships.

If you wish to receive a FREE New Moon oracle reading from me then use this time to look back through your photos of yourself in search of your true essence and send me 3 to 5 pictures that you feel represent your true essence, from any era of time, and email them to with subject: “New Moon Oracle Reading please."

With so much cosmic energy shifting lately it can be difficult to move forward with clarity and confidence. So whilst this turbulent energy rages around us, our inner world can become our sanctuary, and if we’re able to go within, be still, present and deeply connect with ourselves and the wealth of wisdom living within us, our inner world can become our compass.

This new moon ritual encourages this journey inward, to reconnect to our inner wisdom/higher self/devine self, or whatever you wish to name it. This ritual offers us the opportunity to get clear on what it is we truly want in life, and harness the manifesting power of the new moon to make wishes, set powerful intentions and make commitments in order to manifest the life we dream of.

What you will need for this Ritual

  •  Journal & pen

  • Cleansing herbs/flowers/essential oils ~ this will depend on your chosen method of energy body/auric field cleansing

  • Objects of meaning to create a ritual altar It is recommended to have an object to represent each of the earthly elements:

1. Air ~ this could be incense, sage or diffused essential oils or perhaps gentle music.

2. Water ~ A glass of water

3. Fire ~ Candle flame

4. Earth ~ a plant, leaf, flower, a crystal or stone.

If you want to keep it simple, using a candle can actually cover all four elements (solid wax is earth, air flickers the flame, melted wax is water, and the fire is self-explanatory).


Optional extras:

  • Face oil & gua sha or face roller  

  • Ceremonial Cacao or Chai or Tea

  • Tarot cards (if you don't have a deck then send through your essence images via email as mentioned above).

Sanctuary's Gemini

New Moon Ritual

The ideal time to perform this ritual is within 8 hours following the New Moon on Thursday 6th June at 10.37pm AEST. But don't worry if that doesn't suit your schedule... anytime in the following 3 days after is okay for harnessing the New Moon energy.


When it comes to energy cleansing, intention is everything. You don’t need fancy tools, just the intention.

If you’ve chosen to have a cleansing bath then do this prior to beginning the ritual.

If you have a face oil and gua sha or face roller you may choose to incorporate the use of these in your ritual cleanse.

If you’re choosing to smudge yourself along with your space then you can begin by lighting your sage or palo santo or other herbs, stating out loud your intention.

🎤 eg. “With this smoke I cleanse myself and my space” and go ahead and allow the smoke to move around your whole body and your space. If you cannot tolerate smoke then simply open a door or a window to allow the fresh air to cleanse the space around you stating your intention out loud 🎤 eg. “I welcome this fresh air to cleanse my space.

🕯Once you have cleansed yourself and your space, light your candle/s, and take a moment to appreciate the warm light it brings, illuminating you and all that you’re currently carrying, as you initiate this ritual.

✨ Draw an imaginary circle around yourself with a golden protective light. This circle represents the fifth element; Aether, tonight this circle is your portal between the cosmos and the terrestrial world. It is emptiness and vastness all at once and within this circle you have drawn you will be able to connect with the omnipresence of Aether as you reconnect with yourself in this present moment.

You might like to use this guided visualisation recording to help you ground yourself.

Before we dive in ~ Just a little note about New Moon Manifesting

It's up to you whether you choose to make wishes, set intentions or make commitments.

You might feel called to do a little of each, and the below ritual will guide you through the process. Just ensure that they all come from the heart.

Try to think about what you DO want, not what you don't want (Try not to give ANY attention to the things you don't want in your life).

You can wish for anything you want and as long as you believe you can have it, it can be yours.

If manifesting is new for you then it might be a good idea to start small and take baby steps. We are limited by what we believe is possible, so if you wish for something you dont believe you can have, then you’ll be right and it will not manifest.

So by starting small with wishes that are believable to both your conscious and subconscious mind you'll work your way up to manifesting those bigger dreams soon enough.

It is important to believe that you are worthy of your wishes.

The trick to manifesting is all about energy, frequency and emotion (energy in motion). So it's not enough to simply speak aloud or write down your wish, you need to feel the feeling of the wish/intention/commitment already fulfilled, feel the emotion you would feel as if these things have already happened for you.

Try and wish for a feeling rather than things, and this will help you feel into the emotional energy and help to manifest easier.

ie. Rather than wishing to "be healed" try "I wish to feel effortlessly healthy and vibrant"

ie. Rather than wishing to "win the lottery" try "I wish to feel financially secure"

It's important to get clear enough with yourself to enable you to express your wishes effectively which makes manifesting more powerful. One simple way to do this is to meditate, but if you struggle to meditate then perhaps movement or drumming or some sort of mindful activity might help you connect in with your devine or higher self.

Release attachment to your wishes/intentions and allow the universe to provide you your wishes or something better for your highest good. Trust that the best thing for you will happen.

Now before we get to making wishes, setting intentions and making commitments, we need to get clear on what we desire, and that means honestly exploring ourselves a little deeper.

The following journal prompts relate to the Gemini energy of this new moon, you might like to journal on each topic or just choose the ones that feel most relevant for you to explore.

  1. How well am I communicating with the people who matter most to me?

  2. Have I been ensuring that my mind gets moments of peace each day? Have I been meditating enough?

  3. How well have I been socialising or networking? Connecting with community & tribe is important.

  4. Can I reconnect with my siblings? (if they're no longer with us perhaps you could contemplate writing them a letter to express how much you miss them).

  5. Have I been reading enough? Am I pursuing my interests and advancing my knowledge?

Physically release stagnant energy from your body

Now that you've had this time of stillness and introspection, it's time to shift any stagnant energy from within your body. If your journalling made you aware of any patterns and habits you are wanting to release then you might like to imagine that these are being released from your body now as you move.

Feel free to explore and move your body in any way that feels good to you. This could be putting on some gentle music and swaying slowly as you sit or stand, you may like to also hum on each exhale for an extra release.

You may feel to put on some more energising music and get moving, perhaps dancing more vigorously. Or perhaps you’d like to shake or do Emotional Freedom Tapping or any other energy shifting exercises that you feel called to do in this moment.

Gemini New Moon

Wishes, Intentions & Commitments

Now that you've released stagnant energy through movement and gained greater self awareness through your journalling, it's time to look ahead and set your intentions and make your wishes and commitments for the future.

Don't forget that manifesting requires your belief that you can have it, a belief in your worthiness to receive it, clarity about what it is you want and your ability to feel the energy and emotion behind what you're wanting. (you may wish to revisit the "before we dive in" notes from earlier in the blog).

Gratitude energy

So let's begin with a focus on your energy and emotion; it's time to get gratitude energy buzzing to help boost your manifesting abilities.

Doing this allows you to raise your vibration (gratitude vibrates at a similar energy level as love ~ above 500MHz) empowering you to feel happier and healthier which helps to call in the things you desire.

✍🏽 To begin this gratitude practice, write a list of all the people, things, events, feelings etc. that you’re truly grateful for in your life.

Now try and really FEEL into your gratitude. To help you with this, here is a guided gratitude meditation.

🌬🌬🌬An offering to the air 🌬🌬🌬

🌬 This gratitude list becomes your first offering to the elements. Once you have written your gratitude list you can offer it to the air by 🎤 speaking it aloud, and as you do, imagine that your grateful energy travels to find the person or item or situation that you are grateful for.

🎤 You may wish at the end to state “I know that I am blessed and I live my life within that knowing

🌱🌱🌱An offering to the earth🌱🌱🌱

This is where you can set your intention/s or make your wish/es and then plant them as though a seed in the ground to grow.

✍🏽 You may wish to begin by journalling freely about the way you want your life to be, but more importantly how you want to FEEL in that life.

Once you're clear go ahead and write down your intentions or wishes.

Then for each one turn it into an affirmation, as if it has already happened;

ie. "I wish to feel effortlessly healthy and vibrant" could become an affirmation such as

"I feel effortlessly healthy and vibrant"

At the bottom of your list write "Om Namo Narayani" which translates to “I surrender to the devine” in sanskrit, thus releasing attachment to your wishes and intentions, allowing the universe to provide you your wishes or something better for your highest good. Trust that the best thing for you will happen.

🎤 You may also wish to speak this aloud (pronounced Om Na-moe Na-RYEannee)

🌱 When complete you can take this list, fold it up and plant it for your intentions/wishes to be nourished by the earth and grow in the coming weeks.

(Before you plant it you may wish to photograph your affirmations or write them on your fridge or mirror or somewhere you can see them regularly and read aloud each day to help manifest your dreams).

🔥🔥🔥An offering to the flames 🔥🔥🔥

To ignite your passion for your life to be the way you desire, it's time to make an offering to the flames as you commit to actions you will take.

✍🏽 You may like to journal about all the things you could do to help your dreams become your reality, and once you become clearer on how much power you have to make your dreams come true, go ahead and write down 3 to 5 commitments you will make.

These might be actions you will take. Or perhaps alterations to habits and patterns. They can be small things or large things, but just make sure you believe they are achievable and you feel you can truly make each commitment.

🔥 Once you have your commitment list you may roll it up and burn it. *Please ensure you do this safely, perhaps outside with some water nearby to extinguish the flame if need be, try not to burn your fingers either!*

(Before you burn it you may wish to photograph your list of commitments or note them down on your fridge or mirror alongside your affirmations).

🌊🌊🌊An offering to the water 🌊🌊🌊

And for your last offering, this is about ensuring you are in the energy of receiving and worthiness. It's time to make a toast to the amazing human you are!

💧Holding your glass of water 🎤 speak aloud a toast to yourself, allowing the energy of your words to make their way into the water you hold. Speak of your strengths, your character, your achievements, your virtues, your positive actions... just go ahead and speak well of yourself.

At the end you may like to include something along the lines of "I am worthy of a wonderful life" and when done, go ahead and drink your water, allowing that positive energy to flow into your body.

Closing your ritual

And now as you close the ritual, return your attention to the fifth element, Aether, returning to your golden protective circle of light that you drew around yourself at the beginning. Close your eyes and picture yourself with that beautiful golden glow encircling you. Take a few big deep breaths and allow yourself to just sit for a moment feeling your elevated emotions, your positive energy, your self love, your worthiness, your commitments, your wishes, your intentions... Just allow all of it to be held safely within your circle of protective light for a moment.

  • To finish your ritual you may like to again move your body through dance, yoga, shaking, EFT tapping, Qigong or any other way that your body feels called to move.

  • You may also like to connect with your body through gentle massage all over your body and using your gua sha or face roller.

  • You may like to stand barefoot outside, connecting with the energy of the earth. Perhaps stating a mantra, intention or affirmation that arose from your journalling.

  • You may like to finish with a cup of chamomile tea or ceremonial cacao (as long as it wont keep you up all night of course!)

There is no right or wrong way to end your ritual, just follow your intuition and do whatever you feel called to do. But after you're finished, I do recommend doing some sort of calming meditation before bed.

I hope you've enjoyed this ritual. I'd love to hear any feedback you may have about what you loved or what you think could be improved upon. So please get in touch!

💜✨Love & light✨💜


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